Welcome to APCOT Educational Centre

We are a one-stop Brain Remediation, Academic Intelligence & Neurofeedback (BRAIN) Training and Enrichment Centre. Since 2007, we have been helping both children with diverse learning needs and adults with cognitive decline, to rewire and boost their brain for better performance.

It is our core belief that enriched environments can induce changes in the brain and enhance areas in cognitive capacity, learning, memory and resilience.

Our programs are founded on breakthroughs of neuro-science research in the last 15 years. We have seen children as well as adults improve dramatically in their brain functions through our brain-based programmes. 

Our programme focuses on rewiring the brain by providing the right environmental challenges that will result in one or more of the following improvements and achievements as experienced by many of our clients.

Boosting Brainpower in 3 key Areas
  1. Significant improvement  in the ability to recall information
  2. Sharper focus, concentration & alertness
  3. Observable increase in processing speed
Increasing Responsiveness and Learning Efficiency

Increasing Responsiveness and Learning Efficiency through enhancing the electrical signalling, cell efficiency, and neural processing of brain neurons.

Ïncreased Brain Connectivity and Balance
Increased Brain Connectivity and Balance by stimulating neurons (brain cells) to be larger with more developed cell structures for increased circuitry and more branching of one neuron to another.
Achieving a Stronger Thinking Brain
Achieving a Stronger Thinking Brain by adopting a multi-faceted approach of training instead of a traditional IQ model towards developing an intelligent brain. APCOT’s Cognitive training modules has resulted in a stronger and better connected pre-frontal cortex of students with observable improvements in cerebral blood flow to the brain.

Increased Mental Strength & Resilience
Increased Mental Strength & Resilience through higher Order training that reduces brain sluggishness. Enhancing mental toughness is achieved through reducing impulsive triggers of the lower brain (training not readily available anywhere) and connecting it to a stronger higher brain.
Improving Microcellular Function & Nutrition
Improving Microcellular Function & Nutrition by rebalancing critical brain chemical levels, metabolic and microcellular functioning through brain nutrition secrets and breakthrough brain energy systems.
Contact Us on Our Hotline 9113-3822 for more information about our programmes.

Details of Programmes at APCOT
You can access more details on our specially tailored by clicking below:

  • Brainomics Brain Connection Module
  • Brainomics Brainwave Entrainment Module
  • Brainomics Brain Balance Module
  • Intervention & Therapy School (ITS) for Children with Learning Disabilities.
  • Academic Remediation Module (ARM) for Students with Learning Difficulties
  • ASD Preventive Program (APP) for Toddlers (18 mths to 5 years)
  • Neuro Calming Approach (NCA) School Prep Programme (Special Needs)
  • Calmer Parenting Approach (CPA) Parents 1-day Seminar
  • Fixing the Aging Brain (FAB) Adults Programme
  • Rebalancing Brain Chemicals (FBC) for Parents Programme
  • Brain Connection Through Obsessions (BCTO) Programme  

Facilitated Brain Cognition Achievement   Programmes

  • F-B-C-A Tutorial Programmes      
  • Tutorial Care Programmes
  • NeuroGym 12 Intelligence Mega-Learning System
  • Accelerated V/V AudioCube English Program
    (Aligned with MOE’s Stellar Approach to Learning English)
  • Lindamood Bell Visualisation and Verbalisation (V/V) Comprehension Program
  • Home Academic Remediation Tutorial (HART) for Weak Learners.

A Word from Our Snr Educational Therapist

Mr Peter Tan
Brain Health Researcher

Our Facilities

  • Waiting Area
  • 3 Tutorial Classrooms
  • Brain Balance Think Gym
  • EEG Studio                      
  • Brain Energy Connection Therapy Room
  • Staff Office / Pantry / in-house Washroom

2016 promises to be an even more exciting year not just because we have just upgraded all our programmes in 2015 at APCOT Educational Centre but the potential it offers. With these upgrades, we are thrilled to report that it has brought about impressive improvement, healing and recovery to many of our clients. To this end, I have included a testimonies section (with parental permission) under the Contact Us page to update all on the breakthroughs we have experienced. I believe we will continue to hear many more testimonies of cognitive improvement and performance with our holistic neuroscience researched-based therapy approaches in unlocking brain potential and the therapy treatment of neurological disorders.

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